"Excellence in Customer Satisfaction!"



"They painted my entire house, including baseboards, doors and windowsills. They did what they were supposed to do, and they did a good job. Everything went well. The cleanup afterward was good. Overall, everything was good."

"I don't have any specific recollection of the people who came to do the work, but I've had no complaints. They painted some of the walls in the downstairs, the first floor, the second floor, and the balcony. It's been probably about a year now. I do recall there being some kind of a process by which someone came out and gave us an estimate. I don't remember the details, but I remember the price being fair and reasonable. I asked them to go ahead and do the work. I wasn't really here when they were doing the work, but I saw the finished product, and it was satisfactory, so I was happy with it. I would say it was an A."

"I thought Absolute Painting was very reasonably priced, and I think that they did good work. They painted a nursery, and they painted an entryway. I haven't had to call them back out for any reason at all. I would recommend them. The owner was very nice - that's important. He was nice and easy to work with and responded to all my emails. Their service was an A. I would use them again."

"They painted the exterior of my house. They had the best quote. They came in and did their job, so I have no complaints. They responded to my request for service in a timely fashion, and I feel like they did the job in the same manner as well. They also cleaned up after their services. I'd give them an A."

"Their service was good. The project that they worked on didn't work out too well with one coat of paint, so they came out and put another coat of paint on, and it all turned out very good. I didn't have any communication problems at all with the company. The technicians who came out were very nice people. What stood out most about the company was probably their professionalism. I would rate them an A and use them again in the future, if needed. I would recommend them to a relative or a friend."

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