"Excellence in Customer Satisfaction!"



"We've used them multiple times. I thought their prices were reasonable. They were very responsive and did the work well. I'm just happy overall. They did a bunch of interior painting for us. The trim was fine. They did doors, trim, walls, and ceilings - a little bit of everything. When they're done with a job, the cleanup is perfect. We had no issues. We recommended them to our friends. I'd give them an A."

"They provided the services as they said they would. They painted the inside of our house - the entire interior. They came out prior to the service, gave a quote, and went from there. They were fine workers. Never even talked to them - barely even saw them. They worked during the day when I wasn't there. There were no problems with cleanup. There were a couple issues, but they came back and fixed them though. I'll give Absolute Painting an A."

"Absolute Painting did some work for me, and they did a thorough job. They worked quickly. They were on time. They finished the job in a timely manner, and they were very reasonably priced. They painted my entire house, inside and out. The technicians were great. They worked hard, they worked quickly, and they did a good job. I didn't have any communication problems. The customer service was excellent. The quality of work was good. They did a great job - A. I would use them again."

"Absolute Painting painted my house last year. Everything was real good. As far as I can tell, they did a good job. They were in and out and quick - no problems. They painted inside. They finished in a reasonable amount of time. They didn't damage anything or break anything. They were cautious about having clean feet and everything when they came in and out of the house. I would give them an A."

"Absolute Painting did some work for us over the last year or two. The pricing was good, their work was good, and so was the workmanship. What helped me out - I was moving, so I was in a different state, but I was able to work with Wes, and he did a lot of stuff, got it all taken care of before I had to move. When I moved, my house was all completely painted. They did only my interior, but they did the whole house. They cleaned up well after their services. It's the type of company I would recommend. They responded to my request for service in a reasonable amount of time, and everything was done well. I would give them an A."

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