Exterior Painter 

High quality and beautiful painting projects always begin with meticulous preparation, repairs and priming. Quality paint and professional application from Absolute Painting will make your exterior spaces pop and bring new life to your rooms. 

  • Pressure wash all areas to be painted.
  • Remove mildew/bleach.
  • Scrape blistering & peeling paint.
  • Feather sand as necessary.
  • Caulk & seal all cracks, seams, and joints.
  • Mask & seal off windows, doors, and brick.
  • Prime all bare wood & repaired areas
  • Repair or replace rotten wood.
  • Nail down or tighten loose trim.
  • Cover landscape with drop sheets.

Good Quality Paint

A quality paint will always pay for itself. We obtain contractors prices and pass the savings on to you.

Professional Application

Experienced applicators result in a worry free paint job done right the first time.

No Upfront Fee *(on most projects)

We insist on showing our work off to our customers and completing a final inspection prior to payment.


We pride ourselves on being on schedule and delivering what we promise.


Free Estimates

You receive a firm, detailed quote and are under no obligation.

The Best Preparation

A premium paint job that lasts and looks great starts with proper preparation. We spend the time to do it right.